Ever visited an art gallery and left it feeling overwhelmed, going away with little more than aching feet and a notion that you have missed something? Curious about art and what makes great paintings great?

Cathy Roche Art Impressions offer very special tours that allow you to explore the world of art with your own personal guide, Cathy Roche.

Spend an enjoyable and informative morning or afternoon ‘art viewing’ with Cathy and let her bring the world of art alive for you. Seize the opportunity to discover the hidden history behind some of the great masterpieces and find out more about the techniques used in creating different styles and different impressions in art.

When art is explained in a simple way you can quickly become your own expert and begin to really appreciate great paintings (and learn why they are great in the first place). Here you will find enjoyable, informative art viewing at its very best.

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Art Impressions...enjoyable, informative art viewing.